recap: EU/US with the Still Tide

73 days, 9 countries: this past tour with the Still Tide was one of the most full, engrossing experiences I’ve had in a long time.

We’ve got some cool documentation of the tour in the pipeline, both performance and adventure, but in the meantime, you can check out photos of the tour and our summer US performance schedule at


I’m very excited to announce a partnership with Amedia Cymbals USA.  I’d played and loved their cymbals for several years before becoming an artist. I couldn’t be more excited to be helping spread the word about these great instruments and the great folks who make them and make them available.

Most smaller cymbal companies using more “old school” production methods have an unsurprisingly high number of duds come off the production line.  If you’re trying to duplicate a single platonic ideal of an instrument with a centuries old production method, that’s gonna happen.

Amedia has a different story.  Having played a lot of them, I really feel like the folks at the factory are paying closer attention to the actual bronze in their hands than some platonic ideal for the model.   Rather than forcing a one-of-a-kind instrument into a “standard,” they listen.  They watch.  They pay attention.  And they make that individual cymbal into the best cymbal it can be.  Do particular ‘specimens’ vary within model ranges?  Completely.  Do all 20″ Classic rides, for example, sound the same?  Not at all.

But, does darn one I’ve played sound… wow, great?

Without a doubt.

I like taking the time to find cymbals that aren’t just “nice,” but respond just right for the way I play, expressive in the manners I need them to be for my personal approach (which is admittedly different than most), and Amedia’s cymbals really make that possible for me.  They give a lot, and there’s a LOT of character, a lot of color, and lot of grit and individuality in these plates, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Great instruments, and I couldn’t be happier to have an official relationship with the great folks at Amedia Cymbals USA, the official distributor for their stuff over here.

Some of my current favorites:
22″ Old School Light Ride
22″ Classic Ride
21″ Fusion Ride
21″ Antique EFX
21″ Aura Crash
15″ Vintage hihats

NYC in November

Headed into hibernation for most of November and December to work on a pair of albums, but poking my head out of my studiocave for four very special and wildly different NYC shows:

David Nagler Halloween: “Nick Drake and the Sad Beads” (Nick Drake ala Nick Cave)
Sat, 11/1/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rock Shop – 11:30pm

Ludlow Ejacula
Fri, 11/14/14 – Brooklyn @ Kings County Saloon / Noise Love Minifest – 10pm

Karl Berger’s Improvisers Orchestra
Thurs, 11/20/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shapeshifter Lab – 7pm rehearsal open to public, 9pm performance

James Fearnley (of the Pogues)
Sat, 11/29/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Barbès – 10pm-midnight

—-under construction—–

as you can see, things haven’t been moving on the site for some time. have been working heavily with the Still Tide, Noise New York, Screamin Rebel Angels, and Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend this summer as well as a couple of new projects.

a major renovation is on the way and the stream of bad puns, music musings, and mediocre gig photography will be back to usual very soon.


squid jenny

very happy to announce the first performance of a new trio I’ve been working with in the studio for several months now.  bassist Andrea Monorchio, guitarist Charles Rivera, and I are Squid Jenny, and we’re bringing our debut free jazzrockness to Williamsburg.  this is definitely among the most energetic and adventurous improvisation I’ve been parcel to.  playing with these gentlemen is a gift.  like one oddly proportioned, avant-garde, non-representational neon-colored christmas sweater with three and 1/2 arms and a neck hole that’s just small enough to kinda get stuck.  that kinda gift.

squid jenny
Tues, 6/3/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 11pm

may shows: Karl Berger’s Improvisers Orchestra, James Fearnley (of the Pogues), Buffalo Clover, Noise NY residency

MAY 2014

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Fri, 5/2/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Grand Victory – 11:30pm

James Fearnley (of the Pogues) – “Here Comes Everybody” Book Tour
Tues, 5/6/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ WORD, 126 Franklin Street – 7pm
Weds, 5/7/14 – Jersey City, NJ @ WORD, 123 Newark Ave Jersey City – 7:30pm

Chris Buckridge + the Last Friend – EP RELEASE SHOW
Sat, 5/10/14 – Brooklyn, NY – Fort Useless

Tues, 5/13/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 9pm

Buffalo Clover
Tues, 5/13/14 – NY, NY @ The Delancey – 6pm AND 11pm sets
Thurs, 5/15/14 – NY, NY @ Bowery Ballroom (with The Wild Feathers) 9pm SOLD OUT
Fri, 5/16/14 – NY, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall 11:45pm

James Fearnley (of the Pogues) – “Here Comes Everybody” Book Tour
Friday, 5/16/14 – Brooklyn, NY – 7pm – Community Bookstore, 143 7th Avenue Brooklyn

Karl Berger’s Improvisers Orchestra
Sat, 5/17/14 – NY, NY @ El Taller – 7:30pm open rehearsal – 9pm performance

James Fearnley (of the Pogues) – “Here Comes Everybody” Book Tour
Monday, 5/19/14 – NY, NY – 7pm –  McNally Jackson, 52 Prince Street New York

Tues, 5/20/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 9pm
Tues, 5/27/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 9pm

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Fri, 5/30/14 – NY, NY @ Arlene’s Grocery – 11:15pm

Tues, 6/3/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 9pm

march shows: The Still Tide, Kissing Club, CB+LF, Motherlodge x 2, SRA, Silvertounges, NNY

Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend
Sat, 3/1/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop

Motherlodge Fundraiser 2014: The Purple Motha (A Night of the Music of Prince)
Mon, 3/3/14 – Manhattan, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Sat, 3/8/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Grand Victory

The Silvertounges
Sunday, 3/9/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Goodbye Blue Monday

Noise New York
Wed, 3/12/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo

Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend
Friday, 3/14/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Freddy’s

The Silvertounges
Sat, 3/15/14 – Manhattan, NY @ Mercury Lounge SOLD OUT

The Still Tide
Sat, 3/29/14 – Louisville, KY @ The Belle of Louisville (Motherlodge/Actors’ Theatre Humana Fest Soiree) 10pm
Sun, 3/30/14 – Louisville, KY @ Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church – 11am

Kissing Club
Sun, 3/30/14 – Louisville, KY @ The Rudyard Kipling – 6pm

new jan/feb 2014 shows announced

and happy new year to you all!  new shows announced with kissing club, the last friend, screamin’ rebel angels, and noise new york, PLUS tour dates with the still tide!   as always, check the “calendar” page for updates as they happen, but as of 1/3/14:

Kissing Club
Fri, 1/03/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store

The Last Friend
Sat, 1/04/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedro’s

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Wed, 1/08/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Radio Bushwick

The Still Tide
Sat, 1/25/14 – Boulder, CO @ Cherryvale Studios w/ The Changing Colors + Lake Mary
Thurs, 1/30/14 – Colorado Springs – House Show @ Holly’s House w/ The Changing Colors
Fri, 1/31/14 – Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive Denver w/ Pure Bathing Culture
Sat, 2/1/14 – Buena Vista, CO The Asian Palate Thai & Sushi Restaurant w/ The Changing Colors and Jen Korte & The Loss

Kissing Club
Sat, 2/15/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store

Noise New York
Wed, 2/19/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Thurs, 2/20/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Hill Country

Noise New York
Fri, 2/21/14 – Purchase, NY @ The Stood

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Sat, 2/22/14 – Manhattan, NY @ Rodeo Bar