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as you can see, things haven’t been moving on the site for some time. have been working heavily with the Still Tide, Noise New York, Screamin Rebel Angels, and Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend this summer as well as a couple of new projects.

a major renovation is on the way and the stream of bad puns, music musings, and mediocre gig photography will be back to usual very soon.


squid jenny

very happy to announce the first performance of a new trio I’ve been working with in the studio for several months now.  bassist Andrea Monorchio, guitarist Charles Rivera, and I are Squid Jenny, and we’re bringing our debut free jazzrockness to Williamsburg.  this is definitely among the most energetic and adventurous improvisation I’ve been parcel to.  playing with these gentlemen is a gift.  like one oddly proportioned, avant-garde, non-representational neon-colored christmas sweater with three and 1/2 arms and a neck hole that’s just small enough to kinda get stuck.  that kinda gift.

squid jenny
Tues, 6/3/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 11pm

may shows: Karl Berger’s Improvisers Orchestra, James Fearnley (of the Pogues), Buffalo Clover, Noise NY residency

MAY 2014

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Fri, 5/2/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Grand Victory – 11:30pm

James Fearnley (of the Pogues) – “Here Comes Everybody” Book Tour
Tues, 5/6/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ WORD, 126 Franklin Street – 7pm
Weds, 5/7/14 – Jersey City, NJ @ WORD, 123 Newark Ave Jersey City – 7:30pm

Chris Buckridge + the Last Friend – EP RELEASE SHOW
Sat, 5/10/14 – Brooklyn, NY – Fort Useless

Tues, 5/13/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 9pm

Buffalo Clover
Tues, 5/13/14 – NY, NY @ The Delancey – 6pm AND 11pm sets
Thurs, 5/15/14 – NY, NY @ Bowery Ballroom (with The Wild Feathers) 9pm SOLD OUT
Fri, 5/16/14 – NY, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall 11:45pm

James Fearnley (of the Pogues) – “Here Comes Everybody” Book Tour
Friday, 5/16/14 – Brooklyn, NY – 7pm – Community Bookstore, 143 7th Avenue Brooklyn

Karl Berger’s Improvisers Orchestra
Sat, 5/17/14 – NY, NY @ El Taller – 7:30pm open rehearsal – 9pm performance

James Fearnley (of the Pogues) – “Here Comes Everybody” Book Tour
Monday, 5/19/14 – NY, NY – 7pm -  McNally Jackson, 52 Prince Street New York

Tues, 5/20/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 9pm
Tues, 5/27/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 9pm

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Fri, 5/30/14 – NY, NY @ Arlene’s Grocery – 11:15pm

Tues, 6/3/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – 9pm

march shows: The Still Tide, Kissing Club, CB+LF, Motherlodge x 2, SRA, Silvertounges, NNY

Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend
Sat, 3/1/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop

Motherlodge Fundraiser 2014: The Purple Motha (A Night of the Music of Prince)
Mon, 3/3/14 – Manhattan, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Sat, 3/8/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Grand Victory

The Silvertounges
Sunday, 3/9/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Goodbye Blue Monday

Noise New York
Wed, 3/12/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo

Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend
Friday, 3/14/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Freddy’s

The Silvertounges
Sat, 3/15/14 – Manhattan, NY @ Mercury Lounge SOLD OUT

The Still Tide
Sat, 3/29/14 – Louisville, KY @ The Belle of Louisville (Motherlodge/Actors’ Theatre Humana Fest Soiree) 10pm
Sun, 3/30/14 – Louisville, KY @ Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church – 11am

Kissing Club
Sun, 3/30/14 – Louisville, KY @ The Rudyard Kipling – 6pm

new jan/feb 2014 shows announced

and happy new year to you all!  new shows announced with kissing club, the last friend, screamin’ rebel angels, and noise new york, PLUS tour dates with the still tide!   as always, check the “calendar” page for updates as they happen, but as of 1/3/14:

Kissing Club
Fri, 1/03/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store

The Last Friend
Sat, 1/04/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedro’s

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Wed, 1/08/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Radio Bushwick

The Still Tide
Sat, 1/25/14 – Boulder, CO @ Cherryvale Studios w/ The Changing Colors + Lake Mary
Thurs, 1/30/14 – Colorado Springs – House Show @ Holly’s House w/ The Changing Colors
Fri, 1/31/14 – Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive Denver w/ Pure Bathing Culture
Sat, 2/1/14 – Buena Vista, CO The Asian Palate Thai & Sushi Restaurant w/ The Changing Colors and Jen Korte & The Loss

Kissing Club
Sat, 2/15/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store

Noise New York
Wed, 2/19/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Thurs, 2/20/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Hill Country

Noise New York
Fri, 2/21/14 – Purchase, NY @ The Stood

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Sat, 2/22/14 – Manhattan, NY @ Rodeo Bar

weekend of september 20th/21st: NNY and Rivera/Latos

Two shows down, two shows to go with the Noise New York “You Are Here” Album-Release Mini-Tour Extravaganzajamthing. Remaining dates on this run are Friday, Sept 20th at SUNY Purchase and our homecoming show/official release show, Saturday, Sept 21st at The Living Gallery. The Living Gallery is an exciting new space in Bushwick that’s turning into a great community space for art, music, classes, and the sharing of important ideas… really, the kind of spot our neighborhoods need more of.

Charles Rivera and I will be returning to the People’s Garden (Greene Ave and Broadway, Bushwick, Brooklyn) on the evening of Sept 21st to continue our ambient-looping meets free improvisation adventures. Really, we need to get a name for this project.


So kind of you to ask! Actually, yes I am. And as the two venues are within walking distance (and as the events will be 4-9 at the Garden and 9-12 at the Gallery), you at can catch BOTH complete shows without paying for a MetroCard swipe. People’s Garden is give-as-you-feel-called (R/L at 9pm), as always, and the Living Gallery is $5 cover (NNY at 11pm).

Come join us on a fair autumn’s eve and share in music. see you there!

exciting NYC shows this weekend (8/24-25)

Playing three very special sets in NY that I wanted to share with you all.  First, guitar shaman Charles Rivera and I are playing a duo set at the Peoples Garden this Saturday, 8/24, at 6:30.  Charlie’s been developing some new music that blends shifting, ambient clouds of sound, free jazz improvisation, and influences from the edge of avant-garde. I’m very excited to help him bring those sounds to NYC.  Look for more collaborations between Rivera and myself in the near future.

Later in the evening, Charlie, our longtime friend (and my then- and current- bandmate in Noise New York) Noah Barker, stringed instrument fiends Andrea Monorchio and Thomas Lebioda and I will be playing a set (or two) of improvised musics.  I’ve worked with all of these players at different times and in different combinations, but it’ll be the first time all of us have performed together, and I’ve got more than an inkling of a feeling that the chemistry is going to be electric.  This is definitely a set to catch!

On Sunday, I’ll playing with Great Lakes as part of the Okie Love benefit show, raising funds for the victims of the catastrophic tornadoes that hit Oklahoma in May.  Doors open at 5:30 at the larger room at Rockwood.  More info for the show can be found here: bit.ly/okieloversvp

Peoples’ Garden 8/24

hey folks! the Potluck music series rolls on this Saturday (8/24), with:

+Noah Barker providing [solo electronic jams]
+Abakis (abakiser.com) sharing [integrated folk for old and new worlds]
+Charles Rivera/Aaron Latos exploring [ambient soundscapes colliding with avant-garde jazz]
+Chris Faroe (chrisfaroe.com) as his guitar-slinging, poetry-singing [anti/folk] self

+AND, a special late-evening set of improvised magic by Andrea Monorchio, Thomas Lebioda, Rivera, Barker, and Latos

Music kicks off at 4:30. Weather is gonna be gorgeous. Bring some food. Join us.

Greene Ave and Broadway, BK.

See you there!

the still tide – tinder

Bit of a belated update here: Yet Cut Breath is now the Still Tide, and our new album/ep/thing is out.

Click here if you’d like to check it out and pick up a digital or physical copy.

We’re very much looking forward to getting back out on the road as a full band in support of the release, and are actively working on getting some dates in place.  In the mean time, Anna is playing some KICKASS solo guitar+voice shows which you SHOULD GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO CHECK OUT, listed on the bandcamp and facebook pages. Can’t wait to see you out there!

Spring Motherlodge 2013 wrapup

Thank you Louisville… Thank you Joe… Thank you Universe.


Take your pick of magic moments… Catherine Irwin and her friends taking a 10 minute psychedelic trip on a Hank Williams song… Corn Mo and Una Mimnagh heating up the Rudyard Kipling (pictured above) and Corn Mo’s “Breakin The Law” with the Clifton’s Kitchen Band…the Friday night performance by Spettra and everyone who recorded at LaLaLand followed by a space jam with Tyrone Cotton and Jim James…frog suits and vodka shots and Chekhov and cake with Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant…how about the Coyote outside Galerie Hertz on Easter Sunday and his parade through Shelby Park and the Deloreans set that followed?… Jesus Christ Superstar was in full effect at Spring Motherlodge thanks to Juanita’s flower crowns and their sweet rockin and Saturday’s superstar sing-along team of Pierson Keating, Laura Ellis, and Ray Rizzo…Erin Hill and Her Psychedelic Harp enchanted the 37th Humana Festival Soiree where Rebecca Hart perched high and Larry Bull took the Long Ride Home before Brett Ratliff, T Claw, and The Slow Charleston led the square dancing that filled the second floor of Hillbilly Tea…Lady Pyramid and Mesiko and Roadie not only closed Motherlodge with great sets of music, but they played every day and were the backbone of a 20 minute piece of psychedelic music created in Kevin Ratterman’s LaLaLand that will be coming your way soon.


Our week in Louisville could not have happened without the amazing Motherlodge team of Traci Ann Timmons, Teresa Koester-Mills, Aaron Latos, Kaitlin Kelly, Bill Bornscien, Kathy Hinkebein, David Porter, Matt Scobee and Ray Rizzo and all kinds of support and help from Oak Street Productions, Clifton’s Pizza Company, Chef Timothy Tucker, Doug Schutte and The Bard’s Town, Looking For Lilith Theatre, Theatre 502, LePetomane, Finnegan’s Productions, Danny Flanigan, Bellarmine University, Ted Lesley, Jennifer Hester, Chris Deatrick, Bill Storms, and our sponsors WFPK, The Louisville Eccentric Observer, The Arthur K Smith Family Foundation, Ed Romanoff and Pinerock Productions. From the bottom of our Motherlodging hearts, THANK YOU ALL!!!


Louisville, we love you. We will see you in November for our 2014 fundraiser.


New York City, you are next. Look for Motherlodge in late Summer early Fall!


(see many great photos from Spring Motherlodge on our Facebook page.)


We leave you for now with two causes deserving of your support and some words for our dearly departed friend…


THANK YOU for giving to The Ken Pyle Medicine Money Fund!!!


An amazing part of Motherlodge wasn’t even a show – it was witnessing the goodwill of Louisvillians coming back to a guy who has put it out there all of his life. In under 3 and a half days, $15,000 was raised to go to Ken’s medicine expenses. Ken is still hurting, still on a slow path to recovery, and let’s face it – being sick in this country sucks. It would be amazing if $15,000 was all he needed, but we urge you if you haven’t given yet, to visit his campaign and send some help his way. It runs until May 6.






Some of you lucky Louisvillians saw, smelled and ate of the artistry and magnificence of Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant. Their Motherlodge performances of “Irina’s Name Day Party” further shaped their version of Three Sisters which will have it’s New York premiere later this summer. If you are sitting there saying, “Dern, I wish I’d seen it,” or “Man, how can I show my gratitude for such a wonderful time” HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!!

Conni’s Indie Go Go campaign for their summer NYC production ends TONIGHT APRIL 5 at MIDNIGHT. Please support this great group of artists by clicking this here link ! 


Goodbye Joe, a.k.a. Papa Snuggs



The things Motherlodge provides that we don’t get to appreciate in soundbytes and e-spammage are the moments that transcend what we think is happening and bring us back to why we are alive and doing anything in the first place.


A true joy of Spring Motherlodge was collaborating with Ray’s longtime Brother From Another Mother Joe Gadansky (second from right, with the men of The Bard’s Town) Joe’s Low Country Boil and Hoppin John filled the bellies of everyone at Galerie Hertz on Easter Sunday.




Thursday afternoon Joe hopped the celestial locomotive, no doubt taking a seat across the aisle from Roger Ebert. It is unfathomable to everyone in the Motherlodge that this happened. Even writing this is a poor cover-up for being speechless. With Joe catapulted to the stars he has pulled the reigns tight on many friends and family who will for the remainder of their days do their best to bring out of themselves the love, warmth and sick humour of a man that carried within him the heart of a giant.


Ray cornered Joe into writing a bio before Motherlodge:


“Chef Joe Gadansky is a gun for hire cook, which he likes. He’s worked in many great kitchens of Louisville and opened the kitchen’s at Club Grotto, The Bard’s Town, J.K.s on Frankfort, and Joe’s Eats. He’d like to have a food truck, he’d love to feed you.”


You fed us, Joe. We love you and we miss you already.


Motherlodge is a mobile presenting organization that combines diverse performance mediums (music, theater, cooking, visual arts, storytelling, film…) and encourages cross-city collaborations with artists, venues, community organizations, and individuals.